Our mission is for our customers and their dogs to experience freedom: freedom from guilt so the owners can enjoy their time away from their dogs, freedom from cages so the pets do not suffer from separation anxiety. Our commitment is to your peace of mind knowing that we will treat your dogs as we treat our own.

BOARDING & DAYCAREawesome 4 paws boardin daycare
We believe that dogs shouldn't be kenneled. Our boarding service guarantees that they will have plenty of playtime, fun and freedom.
The facility is equipped with a huge backyard where they play, relax, socialize and have fun. Your dog will be taken care of 24/7 by our expert, Cristina.

The boarding experience includes daily walks, and visits to the park and beach (when authorized).

Exercise routines and feeding are available also for an affordable daily flat rate, as well as additional services such as giving your dogs their meds, or our pickup/drop-off services.

We make sure that all dogs in our facility are properly vaccinated.
Your peace of mind is our mission. Go on vacation guilt-free! We make sure that your dog's vacation is as good as yours.

Our services include

  • Kennel-free boarding or daycare
  • Daily walks
  • Daily kennel-free supervised playtime
  • Feeding (you must bring your dog's food)
  • Visits to the park and/or beach (only when authorized)
  • Meds administered if needed
  • Complimentary bath for every 15-day boarding

Extra services

  • Pickup/ Drop-off services
  • Bath services. By appointment only
  • Food supply, when not brought by the owner

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